Germany 2017- The Lost Files

OK, not so much lost as more like I got lazy making the musical video slide shows for each day. So, in a self acknowledged lazy move on my part, here is a smattering of photos from my partner in crime Teena and few I didn’t already post… I think?

Deutschland Day 8

So today turned into a marathon of Beer, food, desserts, and sights around Munich. The public transportation is amazing. The Residenz Museum continued my conflict between how impressive the architecture is vs. how they built such edifices on the backs of others. Actually viewed sacred relics consisting of the bones of saints. And of course, we ate and drank quite well. 

Deutschland Day 7

Early, sunny morning walking around Saltzburg ending with traveling Munich by subway. In between a rainy and somber visit to Dachau. No pictures of the latter save one for personal reasons. While certainly a period in time that should never be forgotten, I’m sure you respect my reasons for not taking/posting them. It just did not feel right to.