Dansk Mjød Viking Blod

Despite the fact that, like many people, I favor certain beer types over others, I relish the opportunity to try new beers. However, it’s very rare that I come across something very new and different. Perhaps I just need to try harder, if my liver will allow me? So when I saw Dansk Mjød Viking Blod on the menu in Tucson and read its description, there was little chance I would not order it. Honestly, just on the name alone I would have ordered it. The menu described it as a “honey wine” and in reality it is definitely a mead. Mead is created by fermenting honey with water and sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. This particular brew is from Denmark and consists of Honey, water, hops, dried hibiscus, and “various spices” per their website. The alcohol content of mead can be anywhere from 8% to over 20% with this weighing in at a very respectable 19%.

Sweeter beers are nothing new in this day and age however Viking Blod is intensely sweet which some may not appreciate. It feels thicker, almost like nectar, and there is
only a hint of carbonation. All of that combined with it’s high alcohol content makes for quite a different experience. Likely because as already covered, this is a mead and not a beer despite it being listed with other beers on the menu. I imagine that is intentional; that if it was listed under a “Mead” section, it might result in decrease sales. Personally, I greatly enjoyed Viking Blod and not just for the name. Not only is it very different, I found it to be not filling at all which I attribute to its minimal carbonation. So, if you ever see this (or other mead) listed on a beer menu, you want something very different, and you are not afraid to jump out of your comfort zone, definitely give this a try.