Germany 2017- The Lost Files

OK, not so much lost as more like I got lazy making the musical video slide shows for each day. So, in a self acknowledged lazy move on my part, here is a smattering of photos from my partner in crime Teena and few I didn’t already post… I think?


Deutschland Day 8

So today turned into a marathon of Beer, food, desserts, and sights around Munich. The public transportation is amazing. The Residenz Museum continued my conflict between how impressive the architecture is vs. how they built such edifices on the backs of others. Actually viewed sacred relics consisting of the bones of saints. And of course, we ate and drank quite well. 

Deutschland Day 7

Early, sunny morning walking around Saltzburg ending with traveling Munich by subway. In between a rainy and somber visit to Dachau. No pictures of the latter save one for personal reasons. While certainly a period in time that should never be forgotten, I’m sure you respect my reasons for not taking/posting them. It just did not feel right to.  

Deutschland Day 6

I can really sum up today in one word- Zugspitze. Via two separate trains, you go from the center of town to the (sadly receded) glacier, then cable car to the top of  Germany’s highest mountain. While the second leg of the train ride was cramped and very steep, it actually goes through the mountain and ending up at 2962 meters (9718 feet) it’s  well worth the trip. Currently bedding down in Salzburg. Enjoy the pics and look up more about the Zugspitze online.


Deutschland Day 5

Awoke to a spectacular view surrounded by the Bavarian Alps which escaped us under the cover of night on arrival the day prior. I would never tire of such a view. Started the day with a Bavarian Breakfast which consisted of two Weisswurst, a pretzel, and a tall beer. It was exceptional. I added a croissant and coffee which my bladder did not appreciate. Then off to Schloss Neuschwanstein, which inspired the Disney castle. Unfortunately, it was almost as commercialized as Disney. To boot the only way inside was by guided tour with the next one several hours away, severely impacting our other plans. The infrequent tour schedule would have been helpful information had it been listed in our guide book. We opted to tour the outside and then headed to Austria for our next stop- The Highline 179 bridge and the ruins of Ehrenburg Castle. Highline 179 is the worlds longest suspension bridge that connects two areas of castle ruins and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys near Reutte, Tyrol, Austria.